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Thread: IR3200

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    Question IR3200

    Hello guys
    I am new in here and new to networking
    I just got a used IR3200 it have the image pass installed
    when i try the copier it works fine
    what hardware do i need to network it and use the printer?
    at hand I have a Linksys Wireless G Broadband Router and and A Netgear fast Ethernet hub
    can i make it work with those or do i need to buy anther hardware?
    and how do i connect it all?
    any step by step instruction will help
    thank you so much

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    Re: IR3200

    do a quick search on here for the 3200 there are plenty of threads with good information and attachments on how to connect your machine to the network. You have the imagepass so your network will connect to that and you will have to configure the the imagepass to your IP scheme that you are using. Your hub will work fine for connecting to your network...I am assuming you have one at this point. If not then you have some work to do. Let us know what you have working so far and take a look at those other threads as well

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