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    Grey card not good

    Dear sirs

    My first post here and hope you can help, i have imagerunner 9060pro and the grey card i make on A4 has half magenta cast and half green cast on same sheet???

    Any idea whats wrong here.

    Best regards

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    Grey card not good

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    Re: Grey card not good

    Print PG-5 c/m/y/bk each one separated and locate the problem.Be shore to have last firmware instaled.
    Also need new:

    Primary Transfer Roller Set (FY7-0429-000),

    Transfer Belt Set (FY7-0408-000)

    Check drum life.

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    Grey card not good

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    Re: Grey card not good

    I would also check your primary wires and grid plates. We are finding that these are only lasting around 100K.
    Also inspect your developer units to make sure they are supplying toner evenly across the developer cylinder.

    What firmware version is your machine at? There are many key updates for image quality adjustments.

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