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    IP address keeps changing on C1 w/Fiery ti server

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    Re: IP address keeps changing on C1 w/Fiery ti server

    Quote Originally Posted by Penvy View Post
    Its a T1 v.1.1

    How can I get that patch?

    What is the easy way to install this patch?
    I have the SS1 service or is it simpler I hope

    Any time I deal with Canon its a Big deal but this response has been really great guys.

    rare would I get a straight answer from canon.

    Controllers to be installed the patch:

    imagePRESS Server T1
    Color Network Printer Unit-J1
    Color Network Printer Unit-H1

    patch file 1-V9XFT for image PRESS Server T1 (v1.11)

    Installation procedures:

    1. Download 1-V9XFT patch using Direct Queue on the Command Work Station.
    2. Wait for approximately 1 minute.
    3. Shut down both the main unit and EFI controller.
    4. Remove the power cable of EFI controller and wait for approximately 1 minute.
    5. Turn on the power of main unit and EFI controller.
    6. After the restart, make sure that the installed patch name is displayed and BIOS version is upgraded to 1.11 in the
    Config Page.

    This patch is used for the following EFI controllers only. Do not install this patch to the other controllers. (If you do
    so, you cannot make further operations.)

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    Re: IP address keeps changing on C1 w/Fiery ti server

    Good catch on the patch; I didn't think to look there.

    If you don't have Command Workstation (which you really should, BTW), you can install the patch from a command prompt.

    Simply replace the first item with: "lpr -S <IP address of T1> -P direct c:\ -o 1" and run from a command prompt.

    Example: lpr -S -P direct c:\ -o 1

    The "S" and "P" are case sensitive as well as the word "direct", the -o is a lower case letter o, and the 1 is a one. (The "-o 1" sets the binary option to ON).

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    Re: IP address keeps changing on C1 w/Fiery ti server

    Thanks Guys
    I will try this ASAP

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