On the underside of the drum assembly on the waste hopper side check the separation claws as well as the 2 deflector plates, one to the front and one to the rear, over time the pressure springs loosen on those plates due to toner collection and cause them to hang down into the paper path. most likely the rear one.

Pull the drum assembly and turn it so you can see the left side (hopper side) you will see the rear of the plates(front and rear) are held on by 2 screws that secure the pressure springs(L shaped) that press against the hopper. Place it on top of some scrap 11 x 17. Be careful as the following will cause toner collected in them to spill out. If you press up gently (only 1 to 2 mm) on the back side and release it should snap back up (makes a pop sound). If it doesn't or appears loose, Remove one spring assembly and gently bend towards the hopper(approx 1 to 2 mm trying to keep the spring arm straight), reinsert spring and screw down. Make sure to pass the spring through the 2 brackets on the plate over top of the shaft to secure properly. Then do the same for the others.

hope this helps.