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    how to configure the scan of irc 3580i

    hello sir, can i ask some help? i have a machine canon irc 3580i and i try to configure the scangear but i dont have any luck, i installed the network scangear driver then i used the smb for send file to the computer but when i try to scan the document dosent sent to the computer, how can i configure it? please sir if you have any ideas can you please send me reply for the instructions and guidance it would be a great help to me and i appreciated all your help. thanks in advance.

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    how to configure the scan of irc 3580i

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    Re: how to configure the scan of irc 3580i

    Send option and scan gear are two different tipe of scanning.Check if you have send kit installed!Use advanced search on this forum.We talk alot about this issue.

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    Re: how to configure the scan of irc 3580i

    If it is an IRC3580i is would have the facility to configure scan to smb as default.

    You would need the following to configure scan to file

    The target computers name, can be found in the properties of My Computer on all Windows based OS since Windows 2000

    A name of the folder that has been shared on the computer, make sure you set up the security

    A username and password that can be that have at least write access to the previously mentioned folder

    If you are struggling on setting up the scan you can use the browse and search facility to find your target computer and shared folder

    I have only used the scangear a few times, install the software, set the copier to have the scanner online and it pulls the image to the computer

    Hope this helps in some way



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