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    Canon iR Advance c5030/5035 and eMaintenance

    Hey guys!

    All new at this forum, all though I searched for solutions here many many times. :P

    So we have some customers that is using eMaintenance for automatic toner reordering.
    Lately alot of them is calling and wondering why their toner cartridges haven't arrived.
    I check the eMaintenance portal, and all communication with the machines (Jams, billing counter etc etc) is working...but not the toner reordering signals.
    As more and more customers called, we started to notice a pattern; the customers in question all has an iR ADV 5030/5035.

    This is something we've never seen before. Usually when toner reordering doesn't work it means that NO communication works.

    Can this be a bug in the iR Advance machines system software? eMaintenance-setting somewhere? We have almost all of our iR AdV c5030 up to date with the latest system software. Anyone seen this before?

    / Best regards, Tommy

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    Canon iR Advance c5030/5035 and eMaintenance

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    Re: Canon iR Advance c5030/5035 and eMaintenance

    They are many updates also for RDS,ESS,UGW.

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