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Thread: HD Format

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    HD Format

    Im having a problem formating a new HD in any Advance series copier. When i hold 2-8 down it should come up with different options instead its just comin up with number 4 which is hd format but when i press it is comes up hd error but its a new hd. I have no idea whats going on.

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    HD Format

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    Re: HD Format

    After Replacing HDD-----IRADVANCE
    1) HDD format
    1-1) Start with the safe mode.
    (While pressing 2 and 8 keys simultaneously, turn ON the main power-switch.)

    1-2) Use SST to format all partitions.
    2) Downloading system software
    2-1) Use SST to download the system software (System, LANG, RUI and others).
    3) Initializing the key, certificate and CA certificate
    4) Turning OFF and ON the main power switch
    5) Restoring the backup data
    Use the Remote UI.
    Management Settings > Data Management > Import/Export
    Management Settings > Data Management > Back Up/Restore
    6) Resetting/registering the data
    While referring to the list of set/registered data which was printed before replacement,
    reset/register the data.
    7) When the user generates and adds the encryption key, certificate and/or CA ertificate,
    request the user to generate them again.
    8) Executing “Auto Adjust Gradation (Full Adjust)”
    Settings/Registration mode: Adjustment/Maintenance > Adjust Image Quality > Auto
    Adjust Gradation

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