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    ERROR 0061-0002 ir 6570

    hi all

    i have ERROR 0061-0002 what is mean ?

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    ERROR 0061-0002 ir 6570

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    Re: ERROR 0061-0002 ir 6570

    Quote Originally Posted by bluesky2000 View Post
    hi all

    i have ERROR 0061-0002 what is mean ?
    there is a potential control error/there is an APC error
    0002 The primary charging output used at time
    of printer output and the drum surface
    potential after laser output is identified as
    being 200 V or more (i.e., causing a solid
    black image).

    Basic troubleshooting of this code :
    When troubleshooting Error code E061, the potential control can be disabled in service mode . This allows the image runner to run copies.
    A solid black copy Laser is defective.
    A white copy check the HVT, Primary Corona.
    If you get a copy, check the Potential Sensor.

    Also on this model check the following:

    the upper side connector of the potential control sensor can become pulled out or loose. The upper side of the connector is behind the hopper assembly and the hopper assembly will have to be removed.

    The Pre-Exposure Lamps come on.

    The Laser Shutter completely opens

    If code E061 occurs with potential control turned on and half black copies occur with potential control turned off----probably laser shutter not completely opening completely--- may be due to fan duct cover not fitted properly. You can try actuating shutter completely by inserting screwdriver in opening.

    If it's not something simple like the shutter you need to check the VDT and VLT values. If they are at 0 an mn cont clear might help.

    Also you can check connection of the video, image conversion pcb, on the main controller. MN-CONT clear and reboot. If still getting error, replace the image conversion pcb: FM2-9868-000.

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