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    Canon iR 1600 Displays System Error E000/ E003/ E004

    Hi to all, I have this m/c running on a gasoline/petrol generator as its 'mains' supply. When powered, it displays ALTERNATELY. the above system errors. Of course I tried to clear the error codes in service mode in vain. ON three separate attempts it tried to clear, and the m/c would start to warm up ( i could see the heater lamp lighting... but briefly) but then go back to either system errors above.
    What I did: Swapped both thermistors with a known working one. Same problem. Swapped power supply board. same problem. At first I suspected the gasoline generator as my source of problem, BUT I have temporarily ruled this possibility out since I have another copier, a Kyocera-Mita DC-2550 working using the same power source. Other gadgets include a Riso gr-3750 & 3 computers with their printers all drawing power from same source. What could it be? The BOOT ROM, or DC controller or any other component? Thanks in advance.

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    Canon iR 1600 Displays System Error E000/ E003/ E004

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    Re: Canon iR 1600 Displays System Error E000/ E003/ E004

    Not worked on one of these for a while but as I recall power board is suseptable to blowing if conected to power poor supply.
    Had one in a portacabin on flaky supply kept blowing pwr brd.

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    Re: Canon iR 1600 Displays System Error E000/ E003/ E004

    Have you tried out the following:
    -measure the voltage from the power source
    -after clearing the error,measure the voltage that is drawn to the fixing unit from the power board
    -check for any dry joints on the power board
    This machine often becomes so sturbon especially when using gasoline generators as you very well know our market.
    Try to use another power board to erase your doubt.Good luck.


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