The following post was made by Skynet a while ago and I have found that lately a lot of the posts have been asking variations on the same thing so thought it time to share this once again, it is a piece of code that you can copy and paste into notepad and save as a batch file on your desktop, once done it will use Google to search CTN for what you need.

Originally posted in the Rants, Raves and Everything section it may be useful to post here for people who don't visit that section.

All thanks to Skynet.

This script will do a Google search on this site.

Create a new text document with notepad and save the following code as search copytechnet or whatever you want but the file extension has to be .bat

When run a command prompt pops up and you type your search terms, press enter and Firefox or Internet Explorer opens with the Google results, it saves you having to type the following into Google each time "site:"

It searches the canon subforum but can be modified to any sub forum, just alter the red text and change it to what you see in the address bar of your web browser. For example if you wanted to search the Ricoh forum put ricoh-savin-gestetner instead of canon.

The blue text can be changed to whatever you want.


@echo off
set "google="
set " Fforums%%2Fcanon%%2F"

set /p "string=Search Copytechnet canon for : "
set "string=%string: =+%"

start "" %google%%string%%site%
If this isn't worth a rep or like i dont know what is.