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    Canon Scan Gear and Windows 8 64bit

    Trying to find a Network Scangear version that will work with Windows 8 64bit and a Canon ir 5000. Using Word 2010 and Acrobat X Standard. Anyone had any success with this.


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    Re: Canon Scan Gear and Windows 8 64bit

    Have you tried the win7 x64 version?

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    Canon Scan Gear and Windows 8 64bit

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    Re: Canon Scan Gear and Windows 8 64bit

    November 22, 2012
    Canon Inc./Canon Europe Ltd.

    Important notice regarding compatibility with Windows 8 of Canon Printer and Multifunctional products (i-SENSYS, imageRUNNER, iR, imageRUNNER ADVANCE and imagePRESS)

    Dear Windows 8 user,

    Following the release of Windows 8 on October 26th 2012, Canon has identified compatibility issues with following current Canon LASER Printer / Fax Drivers and the new Windows 8 OS. Printer driver UFR II/PS/PCL: v20.80/XPS: v1.60 (Full functions/Basic functions)/GPCL/GLX: v1.10/UFR II: v2.90/PCL: v8.90/v6.90/PS: v4.90/CDCT: v3.1/CAPT (general) FAX driver/FAX Driver: v8.80 Below, we would like to clarify the official versions that will support Windows 8 and provide some detail of the problems observed with current drivers and where possible a recovery procedure.

    Canon LASER Driver Official Support Schedule for Windows 8  Printer Drivers UFRII / UFRII LT / PCL 5e, 5c, 6 / PS3 Drivers: v20.85 XPS Driver: v1.65 Generic PCL Driver: v1.20 CAPT Driver: TBD CDCT: v4.0 NetSpot Device Installer: Not supported PPD: No change  FAX Drivers Fax Driver: v8.85 Cover Sheet Editor: v1.1  Scan Driver / Software Network ScanGear: Not supported Color Network ScanGear: v2.71 WIA Network ScanGear2: v1.0 MF ScanGear:
    TBD Current expected availability for the Windows 8 supported versions is November / December 2012.

    Known Issues / Limitations of Current Drivers UFRII / UFRII LT /PCL 5e, 5c, 6 / PS Driver Known Issue Affected Device
    [ALL] CDCT customized drivers are not supported for use with Windows 8 x64 (Cannot be installed onto x64 without a normal CAT file)
    [UFRII] Sometimes text is not printed correctly when driver Enlarge/Reduce (scaling) setting is applied for 32 bit driver. Workaround: please set "Spooling at Host Enabled". The same issue does not occur with 64 bit as the Enlarge/Reduce (scaling) method is different)
    [Microsoft Design Style UI / Windows Store Application] Print results may not appear as expected when printing from a Microsoft Design Style UI or Windows Store Application
    [ALL] Point & Print settings are deleted after upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8
    [ALL] During driver uninstall process an error message pops up when uninstaller is doing final cleanup
    [ALL] Job owner name and domain name for CPCA is different from those for previous OS’ when a user logs on with a Microsoft account
    Uninstaller for installed print drivers is not displayed on Microsoft Design Style UI for Windows 8 (RTM version)
    Toast is not displayed in Microsoft Design Style UI of Windows 8 (RTM version) when printing to a device that corresponds to the driver installed via Point & Print. This issue does not always occur
    Driver cannot be removed using Uninstaller if a printer icon / queue for which jobs are remaining is deleted. Workaround: manually delete the print jobs via Control Panel > Administrative Tools than manually delete driver.

    Generic PCL 6 Printer Driver Known Issue Affected Device
    [GPCL] Cannot do “Get Device Status” or “Test Print” to a printer device via Point & Print setting after the Server OS is upgraded from Server 2008 R2 to 2012
    XPS Printer Driver Known Issue Affected Device
    [UI] Inquiry for department management is not available
    [Installer] Printer registration error is displayed during WSD installation and the installation fails
    [Installer] Printer Icon remains when uninstalling driver with the USB cable unplugged. The driver was originally installed for USB connection printing
    [Installer] Devices set using IPv6 are not found during driver setup device search
    [UI] Driver does not work properly on Windows Store Applications - Binding location is added to Duplex print settings - Page direction is not displayed for types of N on 1 - The screen to specify original/output media size does not appear.

    Fax Printer Driver Limitations Affected Device
    [UI] Text clipped issue occurs on driver interface.
    [UI] Preview image is partially clipped when a Cover Sheet is attached (no issue with Fax)
    [Messaging API (MAPI)] address book is not displayed in the [Address book List]
    Windows 8 x64 OS: The help layout for [Select Destinations from Address Book] dialogue corrupts
    When a Fax is sent from Windows Photo Viewer / Internet Explorer 10, the image is printed lighter than the original data
    [Point & Print] Point & Print setting deleted after upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8.
    [Uninstaller] Uninstaller terminates incorrectly when clean-up is performed on the uninstaller

    CAPT Printer Driver Limitations Affected device
    On the Windows 8 Start Screen:
    - Printer driver cannot be installed
    - Printer driver cannot be uninstalled
    - PSW cannot be displayed
    - Printer driver advanced settings are not available
    CDCT customized drivers are not supported for use with Windows 8 x64 (Cannot be installed onto x64 without a normal CAT file).
    Help is not displayed
    Jobs disappear when printing from Microsoft Windows 8 Style UI
    Note: The last several pages often disappear with some jobs. The frequency is 70-80 percent.
    PSW cannot be launched without access rights
    Printer property sheets cannot be opened (cannot print)
    No-paper error is displayed when the power is off
    Run time error occurs during un-installation
    PCA dialogue appears when AutoShutDown tool is executed.

    LBP6000,LBP6010,LBP6018,LBP6200,LBP6300,LBP7010,LB P7018,LBP7200
    LBP3010,LBP3100,LBP3250,LBP3310,LBP5050,LBP6000,LB P6010,LBP6018,LBP6200,LBP6300,LBP7010,LBP7018,LBP7 200
    LBP2900,LBP3000,LBP3210,LBP3300,LBP5000,LBP5100,LB P5200,LBP5300
    LBP2900,LBP3000,LBP3210,LBP3300,LBP5000,LBP5100,LB P5200,LBP5300
    Support Plan for Creo Controller Supported Creo Controller
    Support Plan for EFI Controller
    Support controller and Plan Supported efi controller
     imagePASS-A2 v1.0
     imagePASS-B2 v1.0
     ColorPASS-GX400 v1.0
     imagePASS-U2 v1.0
     imagePRESS Server A3200 v1.0
     imagePRESS Server A2200 v1.0
     imagePRESS Server A1200 v1.0
     imagePASS-A1 v1.0
     imagePASS-B1 v1.0
     imagePRESS Server A3100 v2.0
     imagePRESS Server A2100 v2.0
     imagePRESS Server A1100 v2.0
     imagePRESS Server Q2 v2.0
     imagePRESS Server T2 v1.0
     imagePRESS Server J200 v1.21
     imagePRESS Server J100 v1.21
     imagePASS-U1 v1.0
     ColroPASS-GX300 v2.0
     ColroPASS-GX300 v1.0
     ColorPASS-GX200 v1.0
     ColorPASS-GX100 v1.1
     imagePASS-H1/C NW Print Unit-H1 v2.0*
     imagePASS-J1/C NW Print Unit-J1 v1.1
     imagePASS-S2/NW M.PDL Print Unit-S2 v2.0
     imagePASS-S1/NW M.PDL Print Unit-S1 v2.1
     imagePASS-G1/C Print NW Unit-G1 v1.0
     imagePASS-F2/C Print NW Unit-F2 v1.0
     imagePASS-C2/C Print NW Unit-C2 v1.0
    BLUE: schedule is TBD
    Others :EFI released. These drivers will be uploaded shortly
    TBD = To Be Determined
    TBC = To Be Confirmed
    PSW = Printer Status Window (Canon)
    PCL = Printer Command Language (HP)
    PS = PostScript (Adobe)
    CAPT = Canon Advanced Printing Technology
    UFR / UFR II = Ultra Fast Rendering (Canon)
    UI = User Interface
    PCA = Program Compatibility Assistant (Microsoft Windows)

    **Knowledge is time consuming, exhausting and costly for a trained Tech.**

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