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    (HELP) imagePRESS C1+ with imagePress Server Q2 (Fiery Canon 80)


    I have one problem. I am the owner of Canon ImagePress Server Q2 which was delivered with ImagePress C1+ printer. The name of it is EFI Fiery PRO 80.
    After having a thunderstorm strike into my house, the motherboard was fried and i had to replace it. I have become an identical motherborad s5197-efi.
    So i have restored the disk with help of two DVDs which came with server. Those dvds recreate the installation of the WinXP (with sp2) with everything needed (drivers for EFI controlled,...)

    The installation went fine but the problem is that Fiery.exe is causing the system to shutdown two minutes after startup. After the Fiery.exe starts and the process is on idle on the toolbar on top of the screen, the system automatically shuts down. If i kill the
    Fiery.exe with taskmanager the windows stays up until i start the Fiery.exe.
    I am 100% sure that
    Fiery.exe is cousing this. Also all the hardware is ok and works. No errors in device manager and all drivers are fine.

    Can you please help me what should i do?
    Fiery.exe needed so that i will be able to print from other computer.
    What can be the cause and do you have any suggestions?
    Maybe some kind of protection?

    TNX for help in advance.

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    Re: (HELP) imagePRESS C1+ with imagePress Server Q2 (Fiery Canon 80)

    You did wrong step during replacing new motherboard is re-install system software.
    EFI has cautioned this issue in it's service guide. I do not think you can fix this problem yourself
    Try to contact EFI dealer near you to get support.
    Hope to get good news from you soon.

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    Re: (HELP) imagePRESS C1+ with imagePress Server Q2 (Fiery Canon 80)

    Hmmm. Thank you for your answer.
    I am a little lost since no one knows anything here about how to solve that.

    Can you please point me to this manual as i can not find it.
    And do you think the server has to be sent to them or. will it be possible to do it with manual?
    I thought that those dvds just recreate the system. Can I manually change something? I am willing to do anything and i have no problem with more advanced things to do to the system or. even to recreate the dvds if they are tight to motherboard.

    Can you tell me a little more?

    Thank you for your answer.

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