I have a customer with a Ricoh MPC3503 (D147). I installed an IEEE 802.11 A/G/N Interface Unit (Wireless Card) in the unit. I got it configured and the customer was printing to the machine. Everything worked correctly.

A week or two later, the customer changed ISPs. They installed new routers and access points. Now the MPC3503 won't connect with the wireless card. I was able to connect to their wireless network with my laptop and my cell phone so I know that the SSID and password are correct. I was also able to use my cellphone as a hotspot and get the MPC3503 to connect using my hotspot.

I cleared the network card in service mode as well as set the wireless card back to factory defaults. I've put the SSID and password in several times with no luck.

Their is an access point on the ceiling above the MPC3503

Any feedback and suggestions would be appreciated.