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Thread: Office 365 V2

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    Office 365 V2

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    Re: Office 365 V2

    Quote Originally Posted by SalesServiceGuy View Post
    When you say, Kyocera has had "Authentication for email for years", do you mean that when a user approaches the copier and authenticates and then scans to email to someone else, the sent email displays in their "Sent Items" folder as coming from themselves or from the copier?

    Good point that I did not think about regarding rapidly expanding archival storage requirements.
    The email shows the user that authenticated on the copier to send the email, it does not show that the email with scanned attachment came from the copier. The recipient sees the email as coming from " What we have found is that most users hate to authenticate after we have set this up and complain about the extra steps necessary to do a scan to email with their email address. In all but one case, management decided to go back to either the generic or scan to a desktop folder on the users system and then have them attach the document to the email. Using LDAP would be a nice way to do it, but most IT departments do not have this set up or even know how to set it up!

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    Office 365 V2

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    Re: Office 365 V2

    A Toshiba copier with the new O365 app, allows my tech support to create a 5 digit pin code authentication. No extra cost Card Reader, No extra cost Swipe Cards (although, available as an option). We can also do SSO (Single Sign On) for authentication.

    My plan is to pitch the unique 5 digit pin code.

    Do you think that would resolve your customers objections?

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    Re: Office 365 V2

    Quote Originally Posted by SalesServiceGuy View Post
    I appreciate your answers.

    I have decided today to go ahead and subscribe to a single user, full blown Office 365 (Exchange/SharePoint/OneDrive) account that will be used for demo purposes.

    There will be no confidential info stored there.

    It is purely for educational purposes. The account should go live this week.

    I am a "gotta see it work, to understand it and sell it" kind of salesperson.

    Details TBA.

    I will have many more questions, so please stay tuned.
    Sounds like you're ahead of the curve. It will definitely give you an edge for selling.
    We like that the install isn't tied to one computer. It can be moved by changing some settings online.
    Our customers like it because it lightens their burden of maintaining a file server or exchange server locally. I can see how cloud storage isn't for certain customers, but their eyes always light up when you mention saving them $$$.
    I'd be curious what you think after taking it for a test drive.

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