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Ummm...CUPS--Common Unix Printing System (server) is the CORE management system for printers/drivers on all *nix OS's...all printing defaults get pushed to other programs. Apple has made it so you *HAVE TO* enter an admin password to modify printing defaults in CUPS!!!Mac OS Mojave job accounting

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I do know what CUPS is. I use a MAC everyday. I just never tried configuring with CUPS. I'm just cautious about using terminal on a customer's computer.

I have also found it to be convenient to the customer by creating "presets" when I input the "User Code". Yes finding the location that particular print driver wants the code inputted can be a hassle compared to being in the same place each time in CUPS.

Do you have specific directions on the "User Code" placement within CUPS? I understand how to get in but others may not.