ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) manages inbound calls and routes them to all the available agents who are logged in to a system. Usually, the number of inbound calls for any contact center is more than the number of agents available, and it may happen that some agents are overwhelmed with calls while others are idle. ACD ensures uniform call distribution across available agents and balanced load distribution across multiple office locations.

Imagine you have 10 agents and 30 incoming calls at any given point of time. Out of those 30 customers, 15 only wish to perform routine tasks such as checking their account balance, while the rest need to speak to a customer representative. Assuming even distribution of callers of both classes, we can safely compute that your agents will be attending to 5 from each category. Ideally, your agents should only be attending to the 15 from the second category, and those from the first category should be directed to an automated attendant of some form. Instead, you have 20 customers waiting their turn, when you should have less than 5 in the queue. In another scenario, you have a caller who wishes to speak to an agent in Spanish. Only 2 of your 10 agents are proficient in Spanish, while the rest do not know Spanish. You have no way to ascertain that all Spanish speaking customers are directed to those 2 agents only, while the rest attend to the English speaking customers. To make things more complicated, if you your agents and callers distributed across the country, there is no way to direct the traffic from one region to the customer care center in the same location as the origin of the call as those agents may serve the callers better and faster.

With Drishti's innovative Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), you can tackle such complex problems with sound inbound call management and intelligent load distribution. Pre-integrated with the IVR, our ACD can manage queues and perform skill-based routing, which ensure that your callers are talking to right people without spending much of their precious time waiting for an available agent. With flexible database integration you can integrate our ACD with most third-party database such as MySQL, DB2, Oracle, among others. Reporting and performance management capabilities empower you to view real-time data in top-down, graphical, hierarchical or plain text format for optimal resource allocation and process improvement, which in turn lead to higher revenue generation. Our user-friendly CRM enables fast access to information, and can integrate seamlessly with third-party CRMs. Moreover, the solution can be deployed for both localized, as well as distributed set-up with centralized administration for your supervisors to manage caller queues efficiently from anywhere in the world.

With unlimited capability to configure process specific components and define custom skills for agents, ACD solution is perfect for businesses have high call influx from multiple locations with a high ratio of customers looking for specific information. Multiple IVR systems distributed across geographies can interface with a central ACD unit to direct calls to appropriate customer care centers.

Whether it is adherence to policies, regulation compliance, conflict resolution, data mining, quality assurance or personnel coaching, our advanced voice recording capabilities are ideal for storing and retrieving voice data. The comprehensive reporting capabilities allow you to customize over 200 reports and assimilate data pertaining to performance and efficacy.
Our ACD solution makes it easier to scale up your operations effortlessly and quickly, and with least infrastructure costs. We have done away with the encumbrance of adding expensive hardware for adding as few as five seats or as many as hundreds. With our efficient architecture and high execution speed, we can have twice as many agents on the same hardware as compared to other solutions. From growth perspective, the ACD system allows you to build upon functionality and scale over time as your operations demand, without huge investments in hardware and telephony equipment.

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