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    Visual Basic VBA ID for Letterhead Media (Ricoh MP C 3501)

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    Visual Basic VBA ID for Letterhead Media (Ricoh MP C 3501)

    Hi folks,

    a customer need to have the Visual Basic (VBA) ID for Letterhead Media on a Ricoh MP C 3501 PCL 5c. It's no Problem to get the Tray ID (Tray 3 = 260), but we need to have the ID for Letterhead Media. It's important to use the ID because of simplex/duplex printing. The ID for preprinted or prepunched media will help as well.

    It's not possible to get the ID from a Ricoh printerdriver, we've got the ID from a HP driver, but it doesn't work with Ricoh devices.

    Any suggestion is welcome.

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    Re: Visual Basic VBA ID for Letterhead Media (Ricoh MP C 3501)

    Hope this of some use.

    Media Select (Alphanumeric ID Command)
    Format: ESC & n # W 100[string]
    Hex: 1B 26 6E # 57 64[string] (# is specified in text)
    Function: Assigns an ID string to the media type.
    Description: (1) Media selection is one function of the Alphanumeric ID Commands.

    By setting operation = 100, it is possible to assign string IDs to media types. Note: The table below summarizes the operation values.

    Operation Description
    Set the current Font ID to the given String ID
    1 Associates current Font ID to font with supplied String ID.
    2 Selects the font referred to by the String ID as primary.
    3 Selects the font referred to by the String ID as secondary.
    4 Sets the current Macro ID to the String ID.
    5 Associates the current Macro ID to the supplied String ID.
    20 Deletes the font association named by the current Font ID.
    21 Deletes the macro association named by the current Macro ID.
    100 Media Select

    1. The table below summarizes strings.
    Note: [String] in the table below is specified in the text below.

    Color Blue Translucent Glossy
    Bond User 1 User 3 Plain
    Ivory Plainduplexbackside Green Envelope
    Tabstock Labels Gray Used
    Color2 Pink Orange User Color 2
    Recycled Transparency Thin Tab
    Rough Red User Color/ Color/
    Thickduplexbackside Thick Letterhead User 2
    Purple Cardstock Thick2 Yellow
    Special Preprinted Heavy Prepunched
    HGPlain PostCard InkjetJPost Special2
    Special3 Middle Thick Thick3 Plain2

    1. If no Media Select command is found, Plain (plain paper) and Recycled (recycled paper) are searched, with the type matching the search criteria is selected.

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