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    Quote Originally Posted by calvarysr View Post
    under 1000 for B&W, around 2500 color. By booklet- it is folded- like a book, with 2 staples in the middle. Not really that interested in particular brands- I mainly wanted input as to which copiers were not super complicated if an issue develops, such that I have to wade thru 2 books and a CD to find out how to trouble shoot. As for the leasing company- that will be where our emphasis lies, because the company we are dealing with, though decent on service calls, basically left us on our own with training after they started receiving our payments...Customer service is real High in my book....
    Customer Service...............everyone get that??!!!??!!!
    It is the copier sales companys responsibility for training and yours for learning, someone needs to be the key operator. The leasing company has nothing to do with your copier nor training, only to loan you the money to buy/lease it. If the copier sales company self leases, then they still hold responsibility for your happiness.
    So, obviously someone in sales, service or customer service is lacking within the company you are dealing with now. I would also place some onus on you to be willing to learn your machine and its capabilities and functions. Though, I do appreciate the fact that things are complicated, like me, all I want is that it does what I need and I don't need 6 different ways to do it.
    Today , almost all copiers are pretty much the same when it comes to complexity, after all they are performing various functions such as copy, print, scan and fax, fold, staple, spindle and mutilate, along with all the network and email permutations.
    Again, I would go back and recommend Jomama46s' advice, look for references of happy customers and not so much the unit itself. Then when a unit or several models are recommended, then I would come online and see what people think of that particular make and model.
    My 3 cents worth and YMMV.

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    That,s good piece of advice. Do a background research on the company u want to buy from, and if they have technicians trained on the particular model u opt to buy. Find out how many other people in your area own a similar machine and its performance. It is better to talk directly with the technician who will provide u the service and gauge his experience on the particular model u intend to buy. Find out about availability of supplies and spares. Personally i suggest u buy a machine which does not require u to call a technician to clear even a minor malfunction like reseting error code by simply switching ON/OFF the machine. buy a KM.

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