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    Which drums are compatible?

    Hello, I recently came across this spreadsheet showing drum compatibility and thought I'd see if anyone can confirm it's accuracy. I have an old Riso RC 4500 (one of the oldest models from what I can gather!) and looking at this spreadsheet and studying photos to corroborate, I'm thinking I can pick up on of the GR drums readily available on eBay for my RC. From what I can gather, drums are compatible with other machines in which they're grouped by color below:

    Legal Machines - Inkless Cylinders for Color and black Ink
    Model Cylinder Color Cylinder Black
    All RA S-657L S-657L
    All RC S-918L S-918L
    TR1510 S-2100 S-2100
    CR1610 S-2460 S-2460
    All GR S-2763 S-2763
    FR2950 S-2763 N/A
    RN21/22/25 S-3189
    RN2000 S-3190
    A3 Machines - Inkless Cylinders for Color Ink
    Model Cylinder A3 A4 Wide (Short Drum)
    RP37xx S-3534 S-3378
    RP31xx/35xx S-3534 S-3378
    GR3770 S-2806 S-2807
    GR3750 S-2806 S-2807
    GR3710 S-2806 S-2807
    FR3950 S-2806 S-2807
    FR3950a S-2806 S-2807
    Fr3910 S-2806 S-2807
    RC6300 S-824 S-424
    A3 Machines - Inkless Cylinders for Black Ink
    Model Cylinder A3 A4 Wide (Short Drum)
    RP3700/RP3790 S-3372B S-3377
    RP310x/RP350x N/A S-3373
    GR3770 N/A S-2325
    GR3750 S-2806 S-2807
    GR3710 S-2806 S-2807
    FR3950 N/A S-2809
    FR3950a N/A S-2809
    FR3910 N/A S-2809
    RC6300 S-824 S-424
    Any machine with "N/A" A3/Ledger for black will need a drum conversion kit to make a black
    cylinder from an A4 wide black cylinder. Please see technical information or TIB for details

    -Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Which drums are compatible?

    You can see which drums are compatible by part # which is the S-# listed beside the model types. For example, under A3 machines you can see that all GR and FR machines use S-806 drums.

    For the RC you want an S-918L drum.

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