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    Riso GR3770 HD ink and master question

    What are the advantages of using HD ink and master in a GR3770 ? I can only find HD ink in black, so I guess all the color inks are not HD. Does it mean that when I print with black on a GR3770 I need HD black ink and HD master, and when using color I need to change the master to a regular non-HD master roll ? I have an old Riso color/ink chart that says that GR black (non HD) is not compatible with GR3770 and that I must use HD Black instead. Does it mean that I can't use regular GR black ink on GR 3770 ? Or is it just that I can't use it with HD master ? What I would like to know is if I can just buy normal black and color inks to use with non-HD masters ? or do I need to buy HD black and HD masters to print with black and then change the master when switching to a color drum ? Would I be missing out on some extraordinary print quality if not using HD black and master ?

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    Re: Riso GR3770 HD ink and master question


    with our GR 3770 we use HD master with both HD black ink and regular color ink. This works perfectly good. You do not have to change the master to non-HD when printing with non-HD color ink.

    As far as I know HD colored ink just does not exist. We have not tried to print with non-HD black ink, but it makes sense to me to use HD ink where it is available.




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