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    Re: Wrinkling masters gr 3750

    Thanks for the input! I'll give that a try on my next print run. We noticed last night that when we are printing 8.5x11" we don't get any wrinkles on the master at all, but 11x17" gives us wrinkles. Its like trying to get my old Nintendo to work, just wiggle some thing back and forth and hope for the best!

    Quote Originally Posted by gillje View Post
    It might not work for you, but I used to have a gr3770 with this same problem. The only way I could figure to get around it was to manually apply pressure to the flanges as the master roll was turning to feed the master onto the drum. That usually did the trick for me.

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    Re: Wrinkling masters gr 3750

    Quote Originally Posted by paperpresspunch View Post
    Attachment 34253Attachment 34255The roller I'm talking about is the black roller directly above the master roll. I can see that it isn't moving when the machine is making a master. Should it be rolling as the master feeds?

    Thanks for taking the time to look at these!
    Whew! Thanks for sharing those pictures. That roller appears to be a modification to the machine that I am not familiar with. However, I did find a parts change pub about that, so I think I know what's going on now.
    During the master making process, there needs to be a certain amount of tension on the master material to prevent master wrinkling. Normally, that is provided by brakes in the couplings for the flanges on the ends of the master roll. That modification was to compensate for dodgy brakes, which were really uncommon on the machines I worked on. Still, that mod is installed on that machine, and it would indicate that the torque limiter (the part on the very left end of that roller) has failed.
    I don't know how much good it will do, but here's the parts change pub I was talking about:

    Master making area.pdf

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