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    RZ990: Master Removal Jam, now it says there is a master on the drum...

    Hi there,

    I recently had a master removal jam ie the master was not ejected properly and got wrapped around the master removal belts. I cleared this out and now I am getting 'Master Remains on Cylinder, Pull out Cylinder and Remove Master' whenever I try to make a master with this drum - even though there is no master on the drum! I've tried restarting while holding reset to reboot the whole thing, but no dice.

    I can make masters on other drums... Also - since the master removal jam, the home position of the drum (when I goto eject the drum) has moved... It's moved about 1/4" so the drum doesn't pull out smoothly, I have to press the green eject button, and then manually rotate the cylinder back 1/4" so the arrows on the drum line up before I can pull it out.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Re: RZ990: Master Removal Jam, now it says there is a master on the drum...

    If it's happening only on one drum, my first response would be something is broken on that drum. There is a test mode to adjust the position B stop, but I'm pretty sure that will adjust all drums. Physically compare the bad drum with a proven working one and see if you can find something not right. It's possible that there is some scrap of master material on the drum causing the problem.

    Good luck.


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