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    RISO GR 3750 separator leaving a streak/mark


    The separator in my GR 3750 is leaving a mark on prints. I've never had this issue with letter-sized prints (I think not, unless it was not as noticeable), but it is really bad with tabloid-sized prints, which I've only just begun doing. Attached are pictures of the exact piece in the machine that is making contact with the paper as it goes through and leaving what is sometimes a 10"+ streak along the print. I understand the separator normally does make contact with the paper, to separate the print from the drum, but surely it shouldn't leave such a long and noticeable mark. Any suggestions as to why this might be happening and how to fix it are much appreciated.



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    RISO GR 3750 separator leaving a streak/mark

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    Re: RISO GR 3750 separator leaving a streak/mark

    Looks like the separator is too close to the drum and may be scoring the master. Readjust.


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    Re: RISO GR 3750 separator leaving a streak/mark

    Grab a flashlight and look in the exit belt section at the rear of the drum. There should be a small black rubber collar that the drum rides on, is it bent so the drum isn't riding on it? If it's bent, grab it and bend it back so the drum rides in the groove that is probably worn in the rubber collar.

    If not

    Open front door and place a piece of metal on the magnet so machine thinks front door is closed.
    Remove rear cover and grab a flashlight.
    Find the metal adjuster piece for the finger and loosen 1 the silver screw on the back wall, the other is on the exit belt side of the wall. With flashlight look in exit section of the machine so you can see the sep finger. Probably wise to move the finger away from the drum at this point.
    Press the Green Drum Rotate Home Button and it should rotate slowly so that you can watch the sep finger move. After the sep finger has cleared the clamp plate and come back down close to the master is the position you need to adjust at. It should be 1-2 mm from the master on the drum. It's an eyeball test, with the flashlight you should see a "little daylight" between the finger and master material.
    Make sure you tighten both silver screws when finished.

    If you have the manual you can read up on it more. Good luck


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