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    RISO TR1530/1510 Masters Jammed

    The masters on my TR1530/1510 seem to be getting jammed on the way into the master tray resulting in multiple masters applying themselves to the drum.
    I can pull them out at the other end but obviously I'd rather if they fell into the receiving tray.

    Any tips?

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    Re: RISO TR1530/1510 Masters Jammed

    I apologize for the delay, but what's most likely causing that issue is that one or more of the o-rings in the disposal area has failed or come off the pulleys it rides on.
    For what it's worth, here's a diagram of how the disposal unit should look:
    Master disposal.pdf
    That diagram is from the CR line, which was the updated version of your machine's chassis, but from what I've seen the disposal area is exactly the same as the TR line.
    The result from that would be that the blank area of the undisposed master that leads up to the master clamp on the drum would be neatly folded back on itself under the new master. If that is not the case, it is likely that there is something very different going on.

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