Ok, starting from the beginning (in case details are necessary):
Been running fine- no timing problems or lockups or anything....
One day a couple of weeks ago it was running full speed running 11x17 20# bond and as I walked off, it suddenly stopped- but not the normal sounding stop... It stopped mid-cycle! I saw an error of "T01-520" (main motor limit sensor...)
I discovered the drum (black) wouldn't pull out and it would not release it either (every time I pressed the button it beeped at me giving me the same error.
I raised the top and manually rotated the drum to home position.
I then got into test mode and punched in 556 (print drum release) and managed to get the drum out finally.
On inspection I saw that for some reason, somehow, the "position a sensor" mounting plate somehow got bent inwards and collided with the "position a detection plate" (or was it the other way around?).
Anyways, I had a spare drum we used for parts and swapped the good parts out and got it back up and running again.
However, I never did figure out why or how that happened?... No loose play anywhere that I can see, except for the back of the drum (more on that later), no paper jam, nothing. And of course, since it stopped mid-cycle I got a "T22-514" and had to rotate the coupler in the back to home position (went one turn around I think- which I've read can be REAL BAD?) and then rotated the drum back into home position. It runs again but is noisy:
Back to the loose play mentioned before- when I had the drum out, I saw that the drive coupler on the back of the drum was loose. It seems the bearing is likely shot on the back side and lets the coupler flop. Also it sounds like the gears are damaged as they are rather noisy at slow speeds.
I'm not sure if this happened and caused the lock up or it's been like this for years and nobody noticed it? This is now my responsibility (was the previous manager here at this company or if it was extreme we called in a tech, whose company now no longer works on Risographs!). Anyways, I'm not sure what happened or how long it's been like that (I was just the operator up until now and knew nothing of working on it).
Does anyone have any ideas what caused the crash internally? Is there still a source for parts? I think I might be able to salvage the parts from the remaining drum we have but I'm not sure if the bearing is pressed in? If so, I won't be able to swap those...
We would like to get a decent used (black) drum but I'm not finding any source for one...