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    Ricoh DX3243 - not adding ink


    I am stumped!

    I have a Ricoh DX3242 that will not add ink to the drum no matter what I do. I have tested the ink motor and know that it works - when I do a motor test in the machine, I can clearly hear it.

    I have had the drum unit open about 4 times today, to check what is going on!

    I have checked the pump mechanism and cannot find anything broken or missing - except that the nozzles where the pump fits on, are also empty....

    All I know is, there is no ink getting into the drum! Changed the ink pack also with no improvement.

    Ran the add ink routine probably about 20 or more times today - no change.

    I would appreciate any advice that can be sent my way - please!

    Press the GREEN button!!

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    Re: Ricoh DX3243 - not adding ink

    Giristeki izgarayi dok.
    Pompayi degistir.
    Iyi sanslar

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    Re: Ricoh DX3243 - not adding ink

    Remove the drum unit out of machine.
    Remove clothe screen and clamper
    Remove 4 screw to open the metal screen, you will see the ink pump unit
    Supply 24v DC to ink motor (note the +, - pole) then u can check the operation of ink pump: if motor rotate but ink not supply, perhap the pipe stuck, then u can clear it. Sorry or my english.


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