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    Accidentally activated Set Up Wizard - Risograph MZ990

    While looking for something else in test mode, I accidentally activated test mode 0116 - 'Set Up Wizard Initialize'

    When I start the Riso up again, it automatically goes into the setup, setting the clock/calendar, User Category and then the final screen, Display Priority. However whatever I select on the last screen, the 'OK' button is still greyed out. I can get by it by pressing Skip but this means I have to go through this each time I turn the Riso on... is there any way to deactivate the Set Up Wizard?


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    Re: Accidentally activated Set Up Wizard - Risograph MZ990

    That is weird. I have activated the set up wizard on purpose a couple of times on MZ790s, and after making the proper selections the machine didn't show the wizard any more. Of course the wizard didn't help anything either, so I suppose that code is just there in case you replace the main board or something.
    This might be stupid, but have you tried the "Jam Clear" code in service mode? I don't have the manuals for the MZs anymore, but I think it was code 0110 or something. It's like holding down the "Reset" key while turning other machines on (that may also work on MZs but I don't remember for sure), it resets some of the working memory to default values while not changing anything important like the drum type. It works kind of well as a first step when a Riso does unexpected things.


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