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    RISO CR1610 Drum Not Inking Properly

    I have 3 drums for my RISO CR1610. 2 work fine, with good levels of ink saturation, but one keeps drying out. I am in the process of purging old black ink from it in place of Bright Red, so I'm running hundreds of sheets through at full coverage, and can see the prints being inked less and less. Red ink is coming through, which makes me think it isn't an ink motor problem, as it was 100% black when I first used it.

    When I first discovered the problem, I left the drum for a couple of weeks in its case with a plan to return to it later. Today I tried it on a whim to see how it was doing, and it fully inked when I put it through the Test Inking Operation (code 101). Any idea why it would work then, but then stop inking properly?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: RISO CR1610 Drum Not Inking Properly

    How many prints per master were you making during the color change? It sounds a little like perhaps less than twenty, and the masters were also depleting the drum of ink when changed.
    However, I can't see your machine or what it is doing, so that's probably wrong.

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