Hello fellow users - I have a Riso RP3100UI which suddenly stopped feeding paper, the paper feed rollers are not working at all

The machine gives no warnings or errors. Everything looks normal on the screen except that upon attempting to print, paper is not being fed. I can hear the drum spinning, getting ready to receive the paper, but after 5-6 turns the machine stops and gives me the standard G064 Paper Jam error, but the paper hasn't moved an inch.

Here's a list of related tests I ran in Test Mode, along with their results:

400 - Paper Detect Sensor - YES (short beeps)
401 - Paper Size Sensor - YES (short beeps)
405 - Paper Feed Sensor - NO (long beeps)
457 - Auto Multi-Paper Feed Det. Adj. - NO: Error T98-422
656 - Paper Feed Test - NO: Error G064

It seems like the Paper Feed Sensor might be the culprit? I'm including a link to a video showing the behavior described above.
Please let me know if any of you can shed some light into this issue.

Kind regards