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Thread: Ricoh HQ 7000

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    Ricoh HQ 7000

    Having a problem jamming every time at registration rollers. I checked sp mode for reg sensor on/off and reg motor in all modes slow to fast ok. cleaned reg rollers and checked the drive at the back, didnt see anything all looks and feels ok. it jams right after the nip of the reg rollers every time, cant get one through the machine. any ideas or experience with this condition will be a great help. thanks

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    Re: Ricoh HQ 7000

    I've only worked on Risographs, and I may not know what I'm talking about in regards to that machine. So the following may be a stupid waste of time.

    However, based on the basic theory of how duplicators work, I have a couple of ideas you could check out while waiting for smarter people to show up if you want.

    When the print paper gets to the drum, it takes over the paper feed process. So typically on Risos the pressure between the aligning rollers is released then. But if the aligning rollers don't engage to produce enough pressure when they are supposed to be feeding the paper, the paper will always jam there.

    Also, while the rollers may appear to work correctly in test mode, you might want to check if there is something in the drive that would cause the rollers to stall during normal operation. Maybe a weak motor or a one way bearing in a drive gear or something like that.

    Well, good luck, and I hope someone who knows that machine better than me shows up soon.


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