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    Re: GR3770 - Hook lever not engaging pressure lever

    Quote Originally Posted by Iowatech View Post
    Well, the first picture in your last post isn't normal, because to the best of my knowledge that brown stuff under the power supply board couldn't be part of the machine.
    I couldn't get a close enough look to be sure, but that kind of looks similar to "Chex Mix", a fun party snack. Though if that's the case I'd imagine the stuff in the picture has expired, or at least it is pretty stale.
    As far as the blank screen goes, check the connections on the main board to make sure they are seated correctly. There's a surprisingly small difference between a fully seated connector and one that is not.
    Maybe check the connectors in the control panel too.
    And I suppose a code 90 wouldn't hurt.
    Thanks for the speedy reply! It is indeed Chex, but they're, like, whole. Not chewed on at all. It's weird. Maybe the previous owner's repair guy had a grudge? As for the wiring, it's definitely plausible that something came loose. I disconnected some wires when retiming the machine but they looked pretty good when I checked again this morning. Didn't get a chance to verify anything though, so I'll do a more thorough inspection and check code 90 this evening.

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    Re: GR3770 - Hook lever not engaging pressure lever

    Hi Fayez there is new GR Series Hook And Lever Assembly has been Changed in Pressure Area
    I send you the Attachment file Explain That New GR Pressure Area.PDF

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