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    Ricoh dd6650 sc 300

    Hi I'm looking for information on the main motor drive board fuse (it's blown).
    250v 12amp glass 20mm

    Part number for board or fuse not listed in current parts manual .

    If anyone can shed some light appreciated .

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    Re: Ricoh dd6650 sc 300

    First the disclaimer: I've only worked on Risograph duplicators, so please take this for what it is worth.
    Also, I would have replied sooner but I'd prefer that people with actual experience on the equipment would promote solutions first.

    That being said, if that fuse is what I'm thinking of (glass cylinder with two metal end caps) you might see if you can purchase it locally. Places that sell audio electronics or home appliances sometimes carry them (call first, I looked like an idiot when I didn't).

    If you are extremely lucky, there might be a Radio Shack like component store within commuting distance, they had a wide variety of those fuses and that's where I got that sort of thing from. Sadly, Radio Shack has closed enough stores to become kind of a rare beast lately.

    If you can find the fuses locally, get at least two of them. The fuse may have opened because of an unusually high current draw from inside the machine, and the new fuse might open again right after you turn the power on. If that happens I probably won't be a lot of help, but if I was troubleshooting that problem I'd make sure the main motor actually wasn't locked up and the wires from the motor were in good shape first.
    Sorry if this was a waste of time.

    Last edited by Iowatech; 03-16-2017 at 03:14 AM. Reason: I did work on Ricoh MFDs but not the duplicators.


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