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    Talking riso rz 230 ep, error A07-219

    I have riso rz 230 ep, this error A07-219 rarely appears and I could solve it by feed the master roll again, but now the the A07-219 appears again, and I can not solve it, I have also tried to put a new master roll but the error did not disappear.
    caaan any one help me please!!
    thanks alooot

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    Re: riso rz 230 ep, error A07-219

    It might just be my old manual, but I couldn't find that specific error code. In that manual the A07 error code relates to print paper, not master material.
    Could you please confirm the error code? And sorry if my old manual lead me astray.
    Also, if you haven't tried resetting the machine you should try that too. The easy way to do that is to hold down the "Reset" key and then turn the machine on, then continuing to hold the key down for a little while. Maybe five or so seconds. That is useful if the local power utility has suffered some irregularities which could cause voltage surges (energetic storms, nearby construction that disturbs the power lines and the like).

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    Re: riso rz 230 ep, error A07-219

    Ya A07-xxx is feed problem, enter or exit is even listed. Take a can of air and blow out the paper IN sensor as well as the exit section where the exit sensor is at. They can build up a layer of paper lint


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