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    JP 8000 Drum Clenaning report ;)

    I simply have to share this success story with someone who can understand that I am happy now.

    The last weeks our JP 8000 Drum started to behave strange. Sometimes it printed to new masters only partially. Parts of the paper sheets got not enough ink. So a friend started to investigate, and she found out that if she cleaned the drum inside where the ink package is put in, inside the drum, that it works better again. But the problem came again and again. So we suspected that there is too much ink around inside the drum. Last weekend we decided to have another funny night and take our JP 8000 drum completely apart and see if we can clean it more from inside, ...

    Well, we found about half an kilogram of old and too dry ink, ... see for yourselve


    I couldnīt belive my eyes. But well these drum is already 15 years old, and it makes sense. Gladly it is easily understandable, and we could put off the massive old ink.


    We felt a little bit like from the oil industry, but after another night shift of nearly 10 ours we were done. If you know what you do, and donīt have to search for the right screws and such, it can be done in about 3 hours.


    And here is the cleaned drum, right before we put it together again. Now I even think that it perhaps might be possible to change the colour of a drum completely, if you work exactly and invest another 5 hours. Perhaps the pump might become problematic, but the roller system at the bottom of the drum is possible to be cleaned completely!

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