Hey all,

I've been struggling with a Riso FR 3950UI that I recently acquired. I bought it, because I have another identical machine that is broken and thought I could use the broken one for parts. Since I've moved the new machine into my space, I've been seeing Error Code T2 repeatedly. I have the technical manual and have referred to the other threads about T2 errors, but nothing has worked. I have a second FR 3950UI and have replaced the lower limit sensor from the other machine. I also replaced the feed tray. I have removed and reinstalled the motor. I have checked all connections and cleaned the paper sensors on the feed tray. I checked the upper limit sensor to make sure it wasn't snagged or crooked. I've gone into test mode and done Test 90 to reset the machine. When I remove the tray and then reinstall it, I can sometimes get the machine to print for a bit. However, when the paper runs out and the tray returns to the bottom position, I get a T2 error again and the paper tray will not rise from its bottom position. If anyone has any insight, I would be grateful for the input.

On a side note, my other FR works well, except that it does not recognize the print drums. It is stuck saying, "Install Print Cylinder". Would it be easier to fix whatever is wrong on that machine and use the one with the T2 error for parts?

Thank you,