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    Riso rp drum won’t click into machine, keeps saying install drum.

    I purchased a red and green rp drum and both have the same problem where the drum doesn’t click into place allowing the, “install drum” message to go away and allow, “close front door” message to happen. I have added tape to extend the metal trigger to hit the sensor, which allows me to get the message to close the door. But when I hit start to make master, the master paper always jams. Anyone have an answer, or do I need to return or salvage for parts? Thanks

    Plastic white rings are okay, everything seems to be fine. The mechanism in the back that you flip to allow the drum to rotate is a little jiggly, not super snug like the drums I have that work. Is this an issue? Everything seems like it has to be perfect, but my black drum is really gummed up and works brilliantly.

    A few times the master roll made it around once, but would tear at the corners on the opposite side of the clamp that holds the master down, making it show the jam message. Anyway hope this rings any ideas.

    Also here is a pic of that loose part. Anyone know the name and if you can buy new ones? AC55AD27-F6BE-4560-A098-B296F020D587.jpg
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