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    Re: RISO GR3770 Clamp Error

    I have swapped out the drive gear on the clamp assembly and am still running into problems with the drum clamp not flipping.

    I think this points to the magnetics. I know the sensor has two positions 0 degrees and 180 degrees. I am thinking perhaps its mixed up and not allowing the clamp to flip.
    Is there anyway to test for this? Any way to reset the sensor?

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    Re: RISO GR3770 Clamp Error

    Yes it's normal to hit the plastic when opening and closing, but if it's binding on it that's not good. If you haven't done it already you can open the scanner clam shell top and rig the 2 safety switches to watch it dispose and make the master... DO NOT get your fingers near that drum when it's running or we'll have to start calling you 9-digit-Jamool.

    Sometimes the magnet would get beat up and need to be replaced, only takes one 1/4 inch screw to replace. I think I only ever had 1 open/close clamp plate detect board ever go bad. There is no resetting it. Magnet detect in one location or the other. TM 09 should be Zero angle detect, and TM 10 should be 180 degree detect.

    Not all parts from a 3750 are compatible with a 3770, a lot are and then they would change something up and make you wonder why, so good luck. Parts are very scarce for something this old

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