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    Buying a used Risograph GR3750

    Hi all!

    I am new to this forum and was wondering if anyone has some advice on buying a used Riso GR3750. I found one that I can get for $400, and it comes with 8 color drums, extra ink and master rolls. I believe this is a very good deal, however I asked the seller about the copy count and master meter and they read as, copy: 2,235,332 and master: 15,128. Is that too high of a number to expect this machine to last a few years? They say it has been working fine with no issues.I will be using the machine to start a small book publishing/printing label printing about 3 different color layers per page.

    I would also be interested in finding a GR3750 fluorescent Pink ink drum. Or any vivid color drums and ink I can find.


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    Re: Buying a used Risograph GR3750

    Your master and print counts are good, just be prepared to replace a few minor parts (feed pad, feed rollers) and the like. Most of the GR models (my opinion) are workhorses that will run forever. The rubber parts are the biggest wear factor, but if you do some of the repair work yourself, it's not all that expensive.

    The $400 price is great, considering the cost of the extra equipment you're getting with the unit. That alone makes the GR virtually free. Great catch on that deal!

    As far as new drums...Check EBay often, you'll find plenty of them on a regular basis. For that hot pink color, you might have to buy a new or reconditioned cleaned drum, which would be about $250. Best bet there is to contact Riso directly.

    Good luck, and happy printing!

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