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    A4 LEF 3105EP Riso Master Making

    I want to print A4 LEF but concurrently how to master making only as much as A4 (LEF) along with only 21 cm , not master making A3 or 42 cm
    please help me about setting on test mode and user mode panel to apply to master making only A4 (LEF)
    this thing save master .
    thanks alot for anyone explain about master making size of each job

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    Re: A4 LEF 3105EP Riso Master Making

    Not sure, but you may want to purchase a drum that only wraps masters half-way-
    RISO has the option on some machines that will cut a master at half the drum size to save master material.You must the the correct drum to achieve this.

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    Re: A4 LEF 3105EP Riso Master Making

    If the master doesn't cover the entire printing surface of the drum, ink from the uncovered portion will be deposited on the pressure roller, which will then contaminate what you are printing.
    ddude is right - see if there is a drum specially set up for LEF printing for your machine. I'm not sure which models they are available for, but I have seen at least one of them, so I know they exist for at least some machines.


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