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Thread: Ink suppliers?

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    Re: Ink suppliers?

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    It is my donations AND my banner ad that keeps this forum free to anyone who wants to post. Without my banner ad and others like it, you would have to pay to post here. As others have said, 'don't poke the bear with a stick' And like I said before, if you don't like the way this site is run, you're free to leave. Fewer than 1 % of my manuals are scanned, 99% of them come straight from the manufacturers. If a scanned manual doesn't meet my standards, than I don't offer it for sale. Your post is laughable. MY Posts are paid for, how about yours?
    This is so off topic. YOU were the provocateur. I normally don't engage in this type of nonsense but in this case I think its important to bring your demeanor to the addition of the readers of this forum hopefully dissuading future members from purchasing from you.

    I'm glad that you pay for your posts as that is the only value they have. Don't come in here making it seem like you are supporting this out of the kindness of your heart, you do it because otherwise you wouldn't be able to litter your url all over the forum.

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    Re: Ink suppliers?

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    It's my money when people from this site and worldwide buy my manuals. Just like when you get paid, it's your money.

    You should ask the people some own the copyrights on the manuals you are selling if it is "your money"

    But there is sure a reason, that you have rented the URL and server as an anonymous...

    Or, to say it so clear that even you will understand it: Shut the f*** up and don't poke the bear, because if the bear is pi**ed he could help the copyright owners to get your site shut down. There are enough bored lawyers out there and what you are doing is clearly illegal.

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    Re: Ink suppliers?

    Besides GM Supplies, who stock flo pink, the only place that I know of where you'll find fluorescent inks is on ebay or from a Risograph Dealer (who would order it from riso) Fluorescent and custom colours aren't available from any after market manufacturer as far as I know... I believe all you'll find in non-oem inks are the standard - black, red, blue, green and maybe grey and brown...

    Where are you based jstefanski? regarding fluorescent inks, flo pink is all you'll find in North America. Flo Orange is available in other markets, to get it here you would have to make a min. order of 10 tubes with Riso (which goes for something like $800 + tax and shipping when I checked with my dealer.) Same goes for custom colours unless you can find a stash that another printer is reselling.

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    Re: Ink suppliers?

    Thanks for your reply!

    I've been checking ebay and ave found some ink, rarely do I run into anything special though. There is one ebay vendor that has a good variety of colors, even yellow which I found pretty hard to find.

    I am based in Minnesota so I guess only flo pink here - I would love to get a little pink, a bright blue, etc. to bad.

    That's steep! I couldn't afford that type of order for 1 color - for now I'll continue to add tubes for what I have (Yellow, med. blue, red, hunter green, yellow, black, and green). thanks again for help.


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