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Thread: GR3770 Troubles

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    Re: GR3770 Troubles

    When new machines came in we used to toss the blue FT in a bag and put Riso black FT on the machine. Never did like the blue, to hard and sometimes would tear when you tried to remove them.
    Riso parts
    035-14303 Feed Rollers
    019-11833 Sep pad
    The gray ones should last around a million. If you buy some knock off generic they may be half the price but you'll get half the life. With a new sep pad you should be able to set the dial to 11 and have room to adj for different stocks. If you are at 3 you are almost maxed.

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    Re: GR3770 Troubles

    That sep pad only works if that machine has the updated holder, and based on the last picture it doesn't look like the machine has that.
    Also it looks like the silver metal cover is missing from the separation assembly. Kind of amazing the machine feeds as well as it does with that being the case.
    At least the separation flap is greenish colored. Sorry I failed to notice that before. If it hasn't been reversed before, if it can be peeled off so that the adhesive sticks to the plastic holder the flap can be reversed so that it works like new.


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