Hello all. Well I am moving and I have 4 copy machines here that I need to get rid of. No one is going to take them because they are as old as sin, but maybe some of the parts are useful to someone. The machines in question are all Sharp.

Any part you want just name it and make an offer. The AR-507 has the printer board and network card. The MX2300N is just a standard MX2300N, but it does have a newly rebuilt fusing unit that has not been sitting with the pressure on the rollers. The SF2040 as new scanner pulleys and the duplex unit.
This will give you a jist of what is to expect.

Anyways, PM me and we can take it from there. Otherwise I am just going to strip out the circuit boards and motors, and sell the boards as recycle lot and the motors as a project motor grab bag.