The AR-NB2N Network Expansion Kit is used to convert your Sharp Multi-Functional Printer/Scanner/Copier into a networked Printer/Scanner. It can be used with the following models: AR-M150, AR-M155, AR-M160, AR-M205, FO-DC550, AR-168S, AR-168D. There might be more, but I am not sure.

The kit allows you to assign the MFP its own IP address inside your local area network and access it from any linked computer, including over Wi-Fi (laptop) or from your Android / Windows Mobile / Windows Phone device or iPhone (after you install the necessary remote printing application).

The kit makes scanning a very easy process: just put the sheet you want to scan in the scanner, press two buttons and select which computer to send the scanned copy to (inlc. Auto-OCR option). You don't need to do anything from your computer.

The kit also grants you access to a lot of printer/scanner settings/info by typing its IP address in your browser - it's very convenient.

The kit I am selling has been used slightly - and was stored on a dusty shelf in my local Sharp repairs center (on behalf of which I am selling the kit), its cosmetic condition isn't great (but can easily be polished to look like brand new). There is no OEM packaging.

NB! In order to be able to use the network expansion kit, you need to install the Sharp Network Scanner Tool (available on your OEM installation CD - it is part of SharpDesk)!

Asking price is 150 USD, payable by PayPal. The network kit is also posted for sale on Ebay but expect a slightly higher price to compensate for Ebay fees (approx. 10%).

Shipping will be done by registered mail with tracking number (regular or express).