let's know each other...

  1. nick55
    hey folks,
    what's the use of joining the group if we don't know each other? let me start off here....my profile: currently an independent canon tech for 10 years after working w/ the company for almost ten years too.
    los angeles is my base territoryexclusively working on canon models preferably medium to high segment.
    e-mail address: nddmaster@yahoo.com. hope this message would get through pinoy group members..
  2. smiley
    this sounds interesting for me.
  3. marktechph

    Btw, I'm Mark, still considers my self as a newbie in this kind of field. Having my first year of experience last February. I'm working with a Company who sell's refurbished machines like Konica Minolta, Ricoh (NRG) and Canon. I Handle Konica Minolta and Ricoh Products.

    I'm based in the philippines. Most of my working experience is from slow-medium copiers.

  4. fisher
    My friend. I'm just wondering am glad to introduce you to my product. Rollers. Roller. Rows of rollers. Feed wheel (Ricoh, Minolta, Canon, Sharp, and a series of rollers) products such as picture , light green. Transparency, empathy light 1035 is similar to the original pickup roller. There are thousands of sets of rollers in the warehouse, so you buy. Very, very cheap price, thank you.
    skype: fisher8408
    MSN: maixuan2011@hotmail.com
    E-mail: fisher8408@yahoo.com

  5. Ednicarl20
    Hello! Ednicarl presently working as a field technician in a company which deals with Sharp copiers...
  6. smiley
    are you a Filipino?
  7. aldimca
    Allan here. a newbie in the industry. glad to exchange ideas here!!!
  8. certifiedxeroxtech
    Philippines ba kamo? So Filipino (Tagalog) language must be allowed here.
  9. tamboknon
    Gandang Araw sa inyong lahat ano na nangyare sa atin? Bakit tahimik itong forum. Ako nga pla c Rocky. Maraming Salamat! Mabuhay!
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