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    Re: Worth getting new transfer belt for HP Color Laserjet CM3530?

    Quote Originally Posted by Iowatech View Post
    Hey aab1, remember this?
    Some people here, like subaro , post useful information rather than the worthless insulting posts so many people here post.

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    Re: Worth getting new transfer belt for HP Color Laserjet CM3530?

    Hey aab1

    Subaro is a nice guy and is very patient with you.

    You don't play well with others do you?

    You have already figured out that your transfer belt is shot and needs replacing, well done!



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    Re: Worth getting new transfer belt for HP Color Laserjet CM3530?

    Can you imagine having to deal with this guy in person... as a tech?

    You know, the last company I worked for, I went back a year later to shoot crap with the boss. He mentioned to me that after working there for over 2 years, I didn't have a single customer complaint. Not only that, but I didn't have a single tech complaint (you know how a group of 40 techs will always talk crap about the guy who just left). And what's more, I didn't have a single complaint from the dispatchers (at this company, for some reason, the dispatchers and techs were contstantly arguing and complaining about each other).

    I pride myself on being able to get along with just about anyone... even really difficult people. I don't have a single customer I dislike. Throughout my career, I can't think of a single coworker I disliked.

    But this guy--I just don't like him, and I don't even know him in person.

    That's gotta mean something.

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    Re: Worth getting new transfer belt for HP Color Laserjet CM3530?

    Quote Originally Posted by aab1 View Post
    All new replies seem to suggest I did something horrible to you. Were any of my replies insulting in any way without me noticing it? If so I completely apologize but I went back through my replies and didn't see anything that would be insulting or questioning your advice unless I missed it.

    I'm completely confused and insulted by the replies as I never meant to insult you and your replies have been very helpful.

    Unless I'm missing something it seems like they're all giving me shit for not taking apart my transfer belt within hours of you recommending it. I hope that doesn't insult you but I have a lot of work and I can't just take it apart within hours especially when I'm worried I may damage it and I need my printer for my business.

    Again, if I insulted you please let me know how and I apologize, but if you're as baffled as me by the replies calling me a horrible person I'd appreciate if you let them know I didn't insult or disrespect you in any way.

    Thank you
    To be honest, you did not offend me in your replies. But i did not read your earlier post history, which i saw afterwards and which i think was indeed horrible in you asking to delete your account. The way i see it, everyone makes mistakes and deserves a second chance. So you can make apologies to the forum in general if you think in your mind is warranted and you can contribute in many ways to rebuild your image. You could recant on your former replies and show that you mean them. But i did recommend you get experienced certified help if you were not confident in doing this yourself.

    And this is the end of this thread for me. no more replies.

    Last edited by subaro; 10-28-2015 at 12:58 PM.


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