I have the above mentioned MFP color machine with a weird problem. The machine was brought in with the transfer belt shredded to pieces. Customer was given price for belt and labor and told us "fix it"! the belt was installed in the machine started and all appeared well. Upon making test copies this machine prints out the initial page blank with a streak that appears as the dirty garbage from a freshly PM'd machine, the next page will have an image of what you actually copied, but the top of the image will be about 82 mm from the lead edge of the page. This occurs regardless of paper source or copy or internal report printing. The above described event is making a single copy, if you make multiple copies the first page is blank except for the line, all of the following pages have the start of the image 82 mm down the page with the bottom of the copy just before the 82 mm mark on the next page. The machine does not jam it just has a serious registration error! I have pulled the belt out and re-installed several times with no change to the outcome. There are no holes, that i see, where a missing sensor may have have been under the belt unit and the drums are above it and do not appear damaged. The only sensors I see that determine the belt position seem to be in the belt unit itself. Customer said it worked fine before the belt self destructed. HP has no answer as to why the machine is doing this. The boss won't get another belt. Any suggestions greatly appreciated! HELP!