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    Designjet 1050C banding on large printouts.

    All this started since customer switched to Windows 10. Internal prints and small print jobs look fine. Large prints take 15-20 minutes to print and come out with bands. This happens with all drivers (XP,Vista, Win7 etc.)

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    Designjet 1050C banding on large printouts.

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    Re: Designjet 1050C banding on large printouts.

    What print quality is selected? Draft will cause banding. Even in Normal mode you can get banding, depending on the media.

    In the driver (go to devices and printers, right-click the 1050 and go to Printing Preferences so this is the default,) on the Advanced tab set the radio buttons to In Computer. This will make printing much faster as the PC is far faster at ripping the job than the printer is.

    On the paper size tab, make sure the Zoom Smart is set to No scaling. Never, ever, ever, use ZoomSmart. Ever.

    On the options tab I would set the color to Automatic and the quality to Normal. The only time Fast/Draft is useful is with B&W CAD drawings. If it's anything color or with lots of fills/shaded areas, you'll see banding in draft. Best is good if you're printing on photo paper.

    It's also possible you have a ink starvation issue. You can test this by creating a large (36x12) rectangle of each color (yellow, cyan, magenta, black) and print them.. see if they start out OK but then fade or band. Could likely be air in the tube assembly depending on its age, especially if the tube assembly has never been replaced.



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