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    Re: Ink stains on carpet from HP T1100

    Quote Originally Posted by Desert Rat View Post
    I have alcohol and I can get hair spray. I'll put it all on the list.

    thanks everyone

    You might be to late in getting it all out of the carpet.
    Important : Is the Ink a mineral based or water based as in food colouring.

    If its a mineral based ink try the following at your own risk.
    Mineral base ink is a 3 step process :

    1. Remove the mineral based oils from the Ink and textile with "mild" mineral based solvents ie. Shellite.

    2. Remove the left over dyes from the textile with non-mineral base solvent like methylated spirits or Natural organic acid solvent made from orange peals etc.

    3. Remove the above mineral oils and methylated spirits with plenty of soap and water.

    Allow to dry.

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    Ink stains on carpet from HP T1100

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    Re: Ink stains on carpet from HP T1100

    Sorry to hear about the mishap. Us Indy's feel the pain with you my friend. Not sure I can add anything more to help get the stain out. There have been some great responses from the other members.

    Just wanted to get something off my chest... your customer sounds like a real jerk to begin with. Unless this was a major account worth a lot of $$ to you than first chance you get you should dump them! I personally don't want those type of customers anymore. And furthermore who puts an Inkjet printer on carpet!!! At least put that hard plastic down on top of carpet. It was a friggin accident! Recommend they put on a hard plastic carpet protector.

    Since there is a possibility they will be unreasonable and try and get new carpet out of you, I would blame on the tube being faulty. Tell them after doing some research this is what you came up with.. "Dried rubber tubes break down. Sometimes when carriage belts are replaced if tube is dried out they will leak". Also tell them "fortunate it happen now because it could've leaked a whole ink cartridge when they were using it".
    Get this on record in case you end up going to court.

    Hope it works out.
    Best of luck

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    Re: Ink stains on carpet from HP T1100

    I echo what Copyman says.

    You might also keep in mind that putting all that crap on his carpect can leave an even bigger water stain or something. I wouldn't touch it again.

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    Ink stains on carpet from HP T1100

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    Re: Ink stains on carpet from HP T1100

    Tell him to claim on his insurance, after all that's what he pays his premiums for.

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    Re: Ink stains on carpet from HP T1100

    Rug Doctor is crap, and if this customer used to own/run a carpet cleaning business they should know that. All those blasted things do is leave soap down, they don't extract properly. Even if it did manage to clean the spot away, it will return within a week, if there is any traffic on that area of the carpet. They should also know that if the ink has dyed the fibers of the carpet, the only way to get the ink color out of it would be to remove all dyes from those carpet fibers, essentially bleaching the spot. Which, having been there and done that, I can say it does in fact look worse. A small spot of ink on the carpet where a machine is located makes the office look like it's functional, adds character to the place. They should be damn grateful that you've tried to help them this far. It really sounds like they're trying to squeeze you for something that is a natural hazard of working with ink.
    Should they have known better than to put a machine using ink above carpet with no protection? Yes.
    Should you have put something under the ink tube when removing it in order to protect their most precious and valuable carpet? Yes. (emphasis added for sarcasm)
    Is this a situation that can ruin your day? Only if you let it.

    Bottom line is the machine had a failure, the customer chose the specific location to put the machine, not you, and they made the decision (or indecision) not to put a protective barrier between the machine and the carpet below, not you. I hope.

    Call Stanley Steemer, ask them to explain their cleaning chemicals (specifically the citrus, which is some seriously dangerous stuff if mistreated) without divulging any trade secrets, and they will tell you that once the dye in the fiber has been altered, it can not be restored to original color without artificially dyeing it to that color after "bleaching" it. At least they should, if they're still as informative to the customers as they were when I was doing it. Not a fun job. Didn't pay enough.
    For the record, tip your carpet cleaning crew. That's hard work for very little appreciation.

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