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    HP 4650 right side faded (black)

    I'm returning from an HP 4650 that is faded on the right side of the page. This happens with black only and when printed to. If I print the reports from the printer (config page, paper path test) it all prints perfect, solid colors filled uneven as it should even with PQ in Diagnostic menu it prints all 5 pgs fine.

    I replaced the black toner and still had the same problem. Please help Thank you!

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    Re: HP 4650 right side faded (black)

    I don't have any specific advice for you, but if the internal test prints are perfect, then there's nothing wrong with the printer. Keep in mind that a tough print job can exacerbate minor print quality issues, so inspect those internal tests closely. If you're sure they're pristine, start troubleshooting the document or job options.

    If the internal tests are not as perfect as you first thought, fading to one side could be a dirty scanner or busted transfer belt. Or two bad aftermarket cartridges.

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    Re: HP 4650 right side faded (black)

    what does your diagnostics page look like?

    Can you scan it or take a pic and post?


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