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    Hp j6480 all in one to this site but an old tech..wondering if anyone has run across a power on/ off message on j6480? Possible causes? Was looking at one that seems to be in pretty good shape overall. A broken spring on problem but cant get past this message on power up. Pretty hard to troubleshoot without any service reference. Been a while for me but thinking its needing new power module ( power cord and converter box) . im retired but ironically moved next door to a machine an parts just tinkering. No rush on replies. Thanks

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    Hp j6480 all in one

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    Re: Hp j6480 all in one

    Hi Murphy!

    It's hard to say without error code.Try with factory reset.

    1. Unplug the power cord from the product, and wait 20 seconds.
    2. Press and hold # and 3 while plugging in the power cord to the product.
    3. Release the buttons after the product starts up. The product will now be reset to factory defaults.

    Good luck!
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